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Graduation Leis

Graduation Leis – Flowers and Leis

Hawaiian flower Leis that are shipped fresh direct from Hawaii are fabulous for all types of occasions including Graduations. We offer the freshest flowers and leis and ship them anywhere.

We offer the lowest prices on our leis from graduation and any other occasion. Our Hawaiian graduation lei prices are the best because of our high volume specialty. Not only do we ship leis to the mainland, but we also offer Hawaiian lei greetings. Please view our leis to see all of the beautiful leis for graduation we offer. These Hawaiian leis are the highest quality flowers.

If you need help choosing  one our graduation flower leis you can call us at 866-482-9775. We understand that ordering Hawaiian leis is a unique online purchase. You can depend on Graduation-Leis to help you decide which Hawaiian lei would be most suitable for your special occasion. We make ordering Hawaiian leis easy.

Graduation is the hallmark of many years of hard work. One of the best ways to make someone feel special on this day is to get them some flowers of Leis. All of our graduation leis originate from Hawaii and they capture the Aloha spirit during special occasions. We offer the best Hawaiian flower leis.

The friendly staff we use at Graduation leis have been providing beautiful leis for the people of Hawaii for almost 20 years.                                                        

We are the largest supplier of leis in the islands and until recently, have only been a bulk wholesaler of leis, but not anymore!  Not only do we have the best quality of graduation leis, but the service we provide is outstanding!

We have a great selection of leis for graduation to choose from.  We stand by our flower and leis prices as being the Lowest!

We use FedEx 2 Day for the most inexpensive shipping charges. Shipping to all states will be delivered by 6pm (or earlier) within TWO DAYS. (For example, a shipment leaving Hawaii on Monday will arrive in New York on Wednesday by 6pm.)

Standard Overnight will reach the following states: California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado (areas west of the Rockies,) and Utah by 3:30 pm the NEXT DAY. Shipping to any other state east of the Colorado Rockies will be delivered by 3:30 pm in TWO DAYS. (For example, a shipment leaving Hawaii on Monday will arrive in New York on Wednesday by 3:30 pm.)

There is an option to ship leis FedEx by Priority Overnight. It the most expensive option, but the graduation leis will arrive by 10:30am overnight to the West Coast states (see above) and by 10:30am in two days for the states east of the Colorado Rockies.


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